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WestlandsFirst School

Equipment Donations Plea


Donations Please!

Westlands First School and Nursery are looking for the following donations to equip their outdoor classrooms in Early Years.  If you can donate any of the following equipment we would be hugely grateful.  This is for children aged between 3 and 5.  Please bring any donations to the School Office or Reception Class:

  • Old Milk Crates
  • Old lorry or tractor tyres
  • Planks of wood
  • Buckets, spades, watering cans (for gardening)
  • Planting troughs or pots
  • Seeds or small plants
  • Old CDs/Wind Chimes
  • Small bikes, trikes, scooters, ride on toy cars
  • Old metal saucepans/pots, wooden spoons, metal spoons (for music making)


Thank you!