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WestlandsFirst School

Autumn 1 - 'Beep Beep!' 

This half term's topic is centred around a special story.

A present arrived.....

"What is inside?"     "What could it be?"    "Where did it come from?"     "What does the label say?"

We predicted what we thought was inside the box...

"A spider!" (Remy)         "A starfish! (Archie)           "A dog, fluffy and soft!" (Lauren)       "Special gems!" (Alysha)

We opened the box....... and wrote sentences about what was inside.

"It is a red bus"     "It is a fast bus"      "It is a double decker bus"       "It is a bus with passengers on"


 As Mathematicians we will be...

  • Be learning to sequence events and use language relating to the days of the week, months of the year and dates.
  • We will be learning to read, order, compare and write numbers to 50
  • We will be naming and comparing common 2D and 3D shapes
  • Learning to name and form numbers to 20 correctly

As readers/ writers/ speakers and listeners we will...

  • Be using Talk for Writing to imitate, innovate and independently write our own captions and sentences.
  •  ‘Dropping  Everything  And Reading  in our well stocked Library and classrooms
  • Continue to develop our listening skills by regular circle time and the introduction of learning buddies
  • Be learning to use ‘Bug Club’ to help us become more fluent readers. Please speak to your class teacher if you would like to use this at home.

As Scientists we will be learning to carry out simple tests to explore floating and sinking, whilst developing our observational skills. 

As Historians we will be looking closely at images of transport to help us decide if it’s is old or new.

As Religious experts we will be listening to and discussing stories about Buddhism and a Buddhist way of life.

As Geographers we will be making simple maps and using an atlas to identify the capital city of London.

As Designers we will design and make a London bus, using a range of everyday objects.

As Artists we will be exploring colour and shape.

As Outdoor learners we will be keeping our eyes peeled for signs of Autumn, so please get some wellington boots ready!