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WestlandsFirst School

Autumn 2 - Once Upon a Crime



This half term we will become 'Story Detectives'!

Put on your detectives hat and join us in investigating what makes a 'traditional tale'!

As Mathematicians we will...

  • sequence events and use language relating to the days of the weeks, months of the year and the four seasons.
  • read, order, compare and write numbers up to 50
  • recognise and use the symbols for subtract and equals (- =)
  • read and write analogue times to show o’clock
  • counting forwards and backwards from any given number

As writers and readers we will be..

  • using Talk for Writing to imitate, innovate and independently write our own sentences for a collection of Traditional Tales.
  • writing sentences using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.
  • Dropping  Everything  And Reading three times a week to encourage reading for pleasure.
  • read with fluency and expression.


As Scientists, we will be exploring and naming parts of the body.

As Historians, we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and understanding the link to bonfire night.

As Geographers, we will be making simple maps to help Little Red Riding Hood.

As Religious experts we will be listening to and discussing stories about Buddhism and a Buddhist way of life.

As Designers we will be designing and making a new home for the three little pigs.

As Artists we will be exploring colour mixing, shades and tints.

In ICT, we will be understanding what an algorithm is and we will be learning to write, use and improve our own.

As Musicians, we will be exploring dynamics by listening out for, and playing, loud and quiet sounds.

In PE, we will be learning how to throw and catch.

As good citizens we will exploring 'Tolerance and Respect', as well as revisiting rules and justice, and reminding ourselves of the rules that we created in September.