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WestlandsFirst School

Autumn Term

Happy Autumn!  

  Sitting in a window pumpkin head, circles for your eyes, and a funny triangle nose

and a flickering light inside, you're a funny, old, orange pumpkin head.          



Concentrating hard using shapes to make a pumpkin face, as well as practising our cutting out!


The Rhyme Challenge

We had lots of fun learning and singing different nursery rhymes. Thank you to eveyone who came to celebrate completing the challenge!


Construction fun with different materials








Team games with the parachute


      Number time with the Numicon shapes.

              How many can you count?



Working together and exploring the natural objects.


We have been practising how to write our name.          Haircut anyone? We really enjoyed the role play hairdressers.



Using our thinking skills to spot patterns and match up the pictures.



  We counted to 10 and ordered the numerals on the birthday cards.


Phonics games

We played rhyming soup and had to listen carefully to the sounds we could hear, and then matched the objects starting with the same sound. 


We looked carefully at the different coloured leaves and used this as a way to sort them.