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WestlandsFirst School

Cognition and learning


Assessments and observations of a child may suggest that the learning is happening at a slower pace than their peers, even with appropriate differentiation. Your child's class teacher will assess, plan and deliver additional support at at Wave 1 and Wave 2, before considering Wave 3 support.

We offer a range of interventions at a universal level to specialised provision, these include:

WAVE 1 (ALL/ Universal)

  • Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery & outcomes
  • Working walls and tool kits
  • In-class targeted teacher support
  • In-class Teaching assistant support within class teaching (small group or individual)
  • Structured Phonics programme-  Read Write Inc
  • Learning style awareness – visual, auditory, kinaesthetic approach
  • Look at steps of progress- in specific area of concern
  • STAR program- planned teaching of new vocabulary
  • No-nonsense Spelling Y2-Y4
  • Signing
  • Chunking

WAVE 2 (SOME/ Targeted)

  • In-class additional targeted teacher support
  • In-class additional Teaching Assistant support within class teaching (small group or individual)
  • In-class additional Pre-teaching of vocabulary and concepts
  • In-class additional opportunities for over learning
  • In-class additional intervention(s) discussed at Pupil progress meetings to address lack of progress/barriers to learning
  • In-class additional Task boards- individualised
  • Consultation with Maths Co-ordinator, Phonics Co-ordinator, English Co-ordinator & Pupil Premium Co-ordinator to determine intervention / level needed
  • In-class additional use of visual and practical resources
  • Writing Frames
  • Dyslexia/ Dyspraxia pathway

WAVE 3 (FEW/ Specialised/ SEND register)

  • LST- for reading, reading comprehension, spelling and maths
  • EP- cognitive assessment
  • Additional use of special needs visual and practical resources
  • One to one provision
  • Black Sheep Narrative Programme- small group intervention
  • Rapid Reading & Writing specific programme
  • Eye can learn memory games
  • Memory games
  • overlearning
  • speed typing