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WestlandsFirst School

Curriculum Progression Documents

At Westlands we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for every child, regardless of need or ability.  To ensure that learning is progressive from one year to the next, our teachers plan from our progression documents.  

Foundation subjects (those subjects which are not core subjects), are taught immersively as part of the overall theme or topic in each year group.  This ensures that our pupils can make links across the curriculum and that our pupils understand that we place equal importance upon all talents, abilities and interests. 

Each subject has an identified lead teacher, who monitors and evaluates how well their subject is being taught across the school.  These subject leaders ensure that all areas of their subject are covered and taught in depth, building skills and knowledge over time.  If they identify gaps or areas for improvement then they plan how to improve their subject as part of their yearly action planning. 

Please see our Progression Documents below: