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WestlandsFirst School

Cyber Crew


On Monday 20th June, the Cyber Council from Westacre Middle School came to Westlands to work with a group of our Westlands Pupils and train them as Digital Leaders for our school!  The pupils chosen to be Digital Leaders were selected from our current Year 2 and 3 classes as they have shown an aptitude for computing and would make confident ambassadors for the school, as their role will include talking in assemblies and possible visiting other schools in the future. 



Our Westlands pupils decided to call themselves the Cyber Crew and we will be responsible for E-Safety and the safe use of technology across the school.  We decided that we would meet every Wednesday and we will be posting our minutes for each meeting on this page.  

Meet The Crew


        Leo - Year 2                          Amy - Year 2                  Kayden - Year 2                    Eva - Year 2


    Ruby - Year 3                         Maciej - Year 3               Robbie - Year 3                 Izabella - Year 3



Safer Internet Day 2017

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, we celebrated Internet Safety Day, which is a national day where children all over the world learn about keeping safe online.  The Cyber Crew decided that they would ask all teachers to plan some Internet Safety lessons throughout the school, and then they invited parents and carers into school to listen to their E-Safety presentation and then join their children for some computing activities in the classrooms.  Lots of parents and carers came to visit and we all learnt a lot about keeping safe online and being responsible online users.  




Then on Friday 10th February 2017, our Cyber Crew met with digital leaders from Chawson First School and Westacre Middle School to discuss E-Safety.  The Digital Leaders grouped together and made E-Safety Videos, which are posted below!