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Helping a child with sensory issues

Use comfortable clothes, consider type of fabric and length of sleeves.

• If the young person cannot tolerate labels, cut them out.

• If the young person cannot tolerate seams, undergarments can be worn to reduce friction.

• Try washing and drying clothes in unscented products.

• Dressing can be done in front of a mirror so as to provide visual cues to assist with sequencing, motor planning and body awareness.

• Be aware of other visual or auditory noises in the room which may be off-putting.

• Be aware of bathroom lighting levels and minimise any noises, e.g. run the bath prior to entering the bathroom.

• Use pressure when shampooing or drying with a towel.

• Before bath time, do activities that provide deep touch input, e.g. rest your hands on your young person’s shoulders and apply moderate pressure.