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WestlandsFirst School


Westlands First School works hard to be an inclusive school where all children feel a sense of belonging regardless of their physical or learning needs.  This may include children with physical, emotional, behavioural of learning difficulties, those who are particularly able or those for whom English is an additional language. 

Inclusion is not optional. It’s an essential part of better and more just societies.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

We endorse this statement. Our objective is to ensure that through a whole school approach we address the barriers to learning.  We are committed to the process of inclusion and endeavour to provide full access to the National Curriculum for all.  We will seek to identify differing needs and respond with appropriate teaching strategies in a differentiated and personalised curriculum. We recognise and support the value of the child’s view in meeting their need.

In the case of special needs pupils the school has a statutory duty (July 2014) to publish its provision to parents. Please find this, and our Special Needs Policy below.

For any queries or advice on Inclusion, please contact our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), Mrs Claire Crabb via the School Office on 01905 772740 or email