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WestlandsFirst School

Information for current children

We can't wait to see you back at school on Thursday 3rd September!

We know that it will be strange not meeting your new teacher before September like you usually would, but you can click on the link below your teacher's name to find out more about them! 

Don't forget that you can also email your new class teacher! (see menu on the right)

As per Government guidance, year groups will have staggered starts and end times to minimise the number of people on the playground and to help maintain social distancing. 

Access to school - all gates (main front gates and playground gate) will open as usual.

Year 1 - 8:55am - 3:15pm (Year 1 Side classroom door) 

Year 2 - 8:30am - 2:50pm    (Year 2 side classroom door)

Year 3 - 8:55am - 3:15pm   (Main playground door)

Year 4  8:30am - 2:50pm (Main playground door)

Please note: if there are siblings in multiple classes, all children from the same family to be dropped off at the earliest time and picked up at the latest time. (eg if a parent has children in year 1 and 2 both children arrive at 8.30 and leave at 3.15)

Please do not allow your children to play on the equipment before or after school. 

What about lunchtime? 

There will initially be no hot lunches and all children will have a packed lunch. If your child usually has Free School Meals you will be able to order your choice of sandwiches in the same way you chose hot meals. These forms will be available closer to September.  More information to follow. 

In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, lunchtimes will also be organised in classrooms and a rota will be in place for an outdoor playtime. Children will regularly wash their hands. 

Are all children to come to school?

All children are required to attend school as usual from September. There are a number of measures in place to keep all children and staff safe including regular hand washing, no sharing of equipment, specific arrangements for classroom furniture and routines and regular cleaning of classrooms and equipment.  

If your child, or anyone in your household shows signs of Coronavirus, please follow the NHS guidelines on self isolating and testing, and inform the school as soon as possible. 

We will continue to update you with further details to help ensure a smooth transition back into school for everyone. If you have any questions please get in touch via email and keep checking back here for updates! 

Thank you for your support and understanding while we all work together to keep school as safe as possible during this unusual time. 



Year 1


                                                           Miss Avery                                          Mrs Sidley

                                               Class Teacher & RWI Lead                          Class Teacher 

                                                       All About Miss Avery                      All About Mrs Sidley

   1GA Transition Information       1NS Transition Information


                               Miss Perry                                     Mrs Griffin                               Miss Spencer-Jones

                             Teaching Assistant                       1:1 Support                                Teaching Assistant 

Year 2


                                                                                            Mrs Sandell

                                                                                            Class Teacher 

2JS Transition Information

                                                                                     All About Mrs Sandell


                                              Miss Carroll                                                                Mrs Smith 

                                        Teaching Assistant                                                     1:1 Teaching Assistant 

                                                                                                                           All About Mrs Smith 


Year 3


                                                Mrs Denby                                                 Mrs Gulliver

                                              Class Teacher                                              Class Teacher 

                                             All About Mrs Denby                                All About Mrs Gulliver

                                         3KD Transition Information                     3SG Transition Information 


                                                      Mrs Hood                                               Mrs Pettit 

                                              Teaching Assistant                                   Teaching Assistant 

                                              All About Mrs Hood                                 


                                                                                          Mrs Rollason

                                                                                    1:1 Teaching Assistant

                                                                                   All About Mrs Rollason

Year 4


                                                  Mrs Lines                                                     Mrs Larke 

                                                Class Teacher                                             Class Teacher 

                                               All About Mrs Lines                              All About Mrs Larke

                                         4SL Transition Information               4JL Transition Information 


                                                      Mrs Tibbetts                                         Miss Shekells

                                                Teaching Assistant                                  Teaching Assistant 

                                                                                                               All About Miss Shekells


Additional Support Staff


Miss Courtney                         Mrs Smith                           Mrs Drysdale

Teaching Assistant                Teaching Assistant              Teaching Assistant

                                  All About Miss Courtney            About Mrs Smith           All About Mrs Drysdale


                                                                                         Miss Capewell 

                                                                                  1:1 Teaching Assistant