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WestlandsFirst School

Information for parents

On this page you will find copies of letters and any other useful information relating to your child's learning. 


The children are doing an amazing job with their reading! To support your child at home, aim to set aside 5-10 minutes each day to read to or listen to you child. 


1. Ask your child questions about what they have read

2. Encourage them to use the pictures for clues and talk about what they see.

3. After sounding out each word, encourage your child to go back to the start of the sentence to re-read it. This will help them to understand what they have read. 

e.g. The cat sat on the mat.                  The c-a-t cat,

                                                                 The cat s-a-t sat,

                                                                 The cat sat o-on on

                                                                 The cat sat on the m-a-t mat

                                                                 The cat sat on the mat



Look for numbers in your everyday life, talk about them and what they represent and play games with homemade numer cards. 

Explore opportunities for your child to look at and use money like paying for their own treats at the shop!