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WestlandsFirst School


Take a look below at the wonderful home learning!

Mason has enjoyed playing football in his garden and exploring his water toys.  He has painted pictures for his Nanny and Grandad which he put in the post box.



Esme has been very busy in the kitchen making play dough and yummy chocolate bear sandwiches!

Fraser and Freya have been making a keepsake with this family to remember their time at home. What a brilliant idea and effort all:)

Max has been a very busy boy!  

Max has been baking, doing lots of arts and crafts including making a telescope! I wonder what you can see Max!




The family enjoyed Easter, talking about Easter traditions and decorating Easter eggs. They used different techniques: dot to dot, colouring, sticking play dough,  finger painting.


Max and his family spent a lot of time in their garden: Max loved cutting the grass by scissors, he designed a new wooden house for the garden, they coloured their shed with chalk. On the photo you can see Max's letters and a frog. They also enjoyed playing outdoor games!



Max has been gardening! On their daily walks they have been riding bikes, doing a scavenger hunt, making a dandelion chain, playing in the stream, watching sheep, climbing big bales of straw and enjoying the fresh air!








Max has spent a lot of time spent practising numbers. Max's mum told us that he also likes watching Blaze and the Monster Machines and has been talking about things like speed, momentum and chute, as well as playing in his car!! He has also enjoyed playing games and exploring the sand pit with his brother!



George has been super clever adding dinosaurs! Be careful they don't bite you George! He has also been practising his numbers and writing- Fantastic job :) 


Frazer and Freya have been busy again! This time they have been making playdough! Have fun!

Frazer and Freya have been busy exploring some real life animals - don't get too close! These creative little ones have also been baking. Keep up the good work!











Lewis worked on this project with his family, to show their support for the NHS! Well done!