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WestlandsFirst School

Our Curriculum

"Live it, to learn it."

At Westlands, we endeavour to provide a highly tailored curriculum which meets the needs of our children. We strive to develop and prepare our children for the future, enabling them to acquire knowledge whilst developing skills and understanding. We aim for our pupils to have a strong desire to learn, developing their aspirations and increasing their curiosity. Providing key life skills and experiences for our pupils promotes independence and resilience through real life opportunities.

To meet the needs of our children, we make cross curricular links, where-ever meaningful and possible, so that children develop transferable skills which can be used in any subject. The learning of our children is developed through a ‘layered approach’ ensuring that children are given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills through a variety of learning experiences.   The topics taught will often use a text as a stimulus or starting point, which helps children to see the link between language, reading and writing.  We aim to spark their imagination through creativity.

During maths sequences of learning, children are encouraged to develop their skills using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach. Children are asked to show, explain and justify their learning. Where possible, cross curricular links will be made and children will apply their knowledge and skills throughout reasoning and problem solving opportunities.   We encourage children to think for themselves, to discuss ideas and to use reasoning when justifying their ideas.

Teachers aim to ‘hook’ pupils into their learning and often begin a sequence with a key learning experience.  Children are encouraged to celebrate their learning in a variety of ways – often inviting parents/carers into school for a specific event. We aim to develop lifelong learning behaviours such as resilience, independence, application of skills and team work.

To enable children to access the curriculum and make links, the school also promotes the development of language and vocabulary whilst attempting to enhance memory skills and teach children how to apply their knowledge and their ability to transfer skills from one subject to another.

National Curriculum statutory requirements are fulfilled and in addition to this the ‘Westlands curriculum’ ensures opportunities are broad and balanced as well as fit for purpose for our pupils, so that they can understand, appreciate and succeed in modern Britain.

Reading and Phonics

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, staff follow the Read Write Inc Programme for phonics and reading, supported by an online resource called Phonics Bug. Please see the attached document at the bottom of this page to find out more about the Read Write Inc Programme.

When planning Reading sessions, teachers tailor the texts they are using to support the genre they are teaching in English lessons.  The books used are selected from a wide range, but staff also have access to the Project X scheme.

For more detailed information about the Curriculum Themes for each Year Group, please see the links below.  These are working documents which will be updated and amended throughout the year, but give an indication of the curriculum coverage for each subject in each term.   Additionally, each Year Group produces a termly Topic Map which will be published on the Year Group Home Page in Our Learning each half term. 

If you do have any further questions about our Curriculum, please contact the Assistant Headteacher, Miss Freestone either by making an appointment with our office, or by sending an e-mail to the school address.