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WestlandsFirst School

Our Governors

The Governing body has an executive role to work closely with the Headteacher who has day-to-day management responsibility, to steer the quality of the school's work. Equally the governing body has an independent overall responsibility, firstly to the wider community for the work of the school, and secondly to hold the head teacher and the school account for the quality of its work.         

The Governing body is expected to work in close partnership with the Headteacher who is the responsible leader and manager of the school - this does not imply " rubber stamping" actions or recommendations but sensible endorsement, scrutiny and support based on carefully weighted evaluation of those actions and recommendations.

At Westlands First School our governing body is made up of the following categories:
Parent Governors, LEA Governors, Staff Governors, and Co-opted Governors.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at the school please speak with Mrs Roberts and she will give you a further insight to the valuable work of a governor.

Correspondence for Governors should be sent to the school and addressed to either the Chair or Vice Chair:
email via



Business Contact Number/Material Interests

Governance Roles in Other Schools


Colin Barratt

Appointed Sept 2016


Co-opted Governor


Niece attends the school

Lynda Syree

Appointed Sept 2016

Co-opted Governor


Anne Peters

Appointed Sept 2016

Vice Chair

Co-opted Governor


Kate Hamilton

Appointed Sept 2017

Chair of Finance

LEA Governor

Rachel Roberts

Appointed Sept 2015

Head Teacher Governor

RNA Heating Ltd


Staff Governor

Sam Courtney

Appointed Sept 2017

Parent Governor


Rachel Thornton