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Our Learning Gallery

Dogs Trust

Kerry from The Dogs Trust visited us and taught us how to be Dog Smart. She taught us about the 5 things to do to keep a dog happy and stay safe around dogs.

                                        We learnt how to stroke a dog we don't know by being Dog Smart. 


We learnt that dogs like to be stroked but not cuddled and lifted off the floor as it makes them feel unsafe.


We also found out that dogs like to eat the correct food so they keep healthy and happy. They also need a bed and somewhere to sleep so they feel safe.

One important message we learnt was to leave a dog alone when they are eating.


As we are becoming experts in animals 'Angie's Animal Antics ' visited us and told us all about her animals.

   We were really lucky because Angie brought in an African hedgehog, a chinchilla, a lionhead rabbit , a skinny pig and an owl. We learnt what foods they eat, where they sleep and how to take care of them.  We then had to decide if they would be an ideal pet or not!​​​​​
















                                 ​​​​We have started exploring non-fiction writing (information texts). 

We have been finding out about their features such as: heading, picture, caption, label and facts!

We looked at how information texts are organised. We had a jumbled up text which we had to put back in the right order. 


In maths, we have been learning about time.

We explored the days of the week, months in the year and how many hours are in a day. We had lots of fun making our own watches and telling the time to o'clock. 

We also carried out the 'One Minute Challenge' in groups. We had 1 minute to see how many: beads we could thread onto a string; pom poms we could pick up with tweezers; times we could write our name; pegs we could put into the peg board! 

We estimated how many we thought we could do, carried out the challenge and then counted carefully to check and compare to our estimate. 



We had lots of fun using 'Talk for Writing' to create a story map and learn part of Little Red Riding Hood. Here we were learning about what makes a good story setting.


Design Technology

Everyone had fun designing, planning and then making their own Naughty Bus based on the story have been learning!




We have been learning all about the History of buses. Do you know who Blaise Pascal was and what he did?


We compared old and new buses, looking for similarities and differences. 


Could you find your house on a map? We have been studying where we live and found ou school and houses on an aerial photograph. We looked for clues like main roads and large buildings. 



We had fun testing out which vehicle would travel the furthest. We looked at the statement 'the bigger the wheels, the further the vehicle will travel'


We voted on which vehicle we thought would travel the furthest. Do you think a bus or a truck would win? Why?

Autumn Time 

"We're going on an Autumn hunt,

We're going right away,

Let's find colourful leaves,

It's a wonderful day!"

We had fun exploring our garden, looking for signs of Autumn. We found different coloured leaves, dry leaves, crunchy leaves, smooth conkers, small acorns, berries and more! We wrote about what we found using adjectives. 

"The green, spiky leaf is shrivelled" (Caitlin)

"It is a multicoloured leaf" (Remy)

"It is a spiky and spotty leaf" (Archie DN)

"That brown mushroom looks like a hat" (Shannon)



Number bonds to 5, 10 and 20

We used Numicon tiles to help us find number bonds to 5, 10 or 20. How many number bonds do you know?

5 + 5 = 10            6 + 4 = 10       7 + 3 = 10     

Find the other number bonds to 10!




More addition fun in maths!

'add'             'plus'             'total'            'altogether'      'sum'



Story innovation!

As part of our story writing, we looked at the structure of the story 'The Naughty Bus'. We identified the main events that happened and sequenced them. We then grouped the events looking at what happened at the beginning, middle and end. Next, we placed them on our story mountain. As a class, we chose to innovate the problem in the story, which was when the bus fell in the pond. In partners, we practised telling our story before sharing them with the rest of the class. 

"Shoo, shoo into the garden with you. The sad bus went outside into the playground. Just a little bit closer to the brown fence. The red bus was stuck. The tow truck came to rescue the dirty bus. Then he went home, brushed his teeth and snuggled up in bed." (Lena)



Descriptive Writing

The Naughty Bus zoomed through the beans...

"nothing must stand in my way!"

We used our senses to explore what the beans felt like for the bus when he drove through them! 

"slimy"           "sticky"              "cold"            "squishy"        "smooth"            "wet"           "lumpy"    "gooey"

We used these adjectives to add more detail in our writing.

The shiny, red bus dashed through the slimy, cold beans. (Lauren)


Freeze Framing!

We put ourselves in another character's shoes and had to think about how it felt to be waiting for the Naughty Bus, and then how it felt after he zoomed past! 

             Lena "I was disappointed. I wanted to go to the park."              Olivia "I'm cross he went past!"

3D shape sorting

We worked in teams to sort cylinders, cubes, spheres and cuboids.

We leant a rhyme to help us remember.


The 2D shape detectives!

We had lots of fun exploring 2D shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, circle and oval and then finding objects around our classroom that were these shapes!


Using non-standard units to measure height and length

We know that length is how long something is and height it how tall something is!

We had fun sorting objects by height and other objects by length


We ordered objects and ourselves by height



We have been having lots of fun with numbers! 

Matching numerals to quantity!


Showing and finding ONE MORE than a given number


     Shannon: "I know that one more than three is 4!"

                                                                                                           Lacey: "Look! One more than 6 is 7!"



Using positional and directional language. 


Top Middle or Bottom?        Beebot fun! we had to give the Beebot directions using 'forward, backward, left and right'


We also went outside to play 'hide and seek' with a twist. We had to hide a toy bus and the give directions to our partner to find it. Lena: "Go forwards... a it more... stop! Turn right and go forwards again.."


In English, we have been learning how to write capital letters.

 We went on a capital letter hunt!