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Summer 2 2019 - Around the World! We have been learning to select and prepare healthy food for a nutritious savoury meal. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their Perfect Pasta and there was not a scrap left at the end of the tasting!

Summer 1 2019 - we have been recycling plastic bottles to water the trees that Mr Kettle planted with Reception children. Children are using the field area to identify different plants through the seasons.  

They have been spotting minibeasts, exploring habitats, sketching plants and learning to respect the environment. 

Autumn 1 2018 - we have been exploring the habitats in our local environment, looking for seasonal changes and how the plants adapt to Autumn. 


Summer 2 2018 - Healthy Me!On our ocean travels we have been learning about different cultures, countries and continents. This week we have been creating our own healthy meals. We chopped, cooked and tasted a yummy savoury meal and a delicious healthy fruit salad. 





Summer 22018 - Ocean Adventure.

We've set sail on the high seas, following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus. The world is a huge place and we've been finding out about different countries and continents. We acted out Columbus' journey to help us with our diary writing.


We made our own savoury pasta dish and enjoyed eating it after!

UPDATE ON OUR GROWING - look at the peas and sunflowers that we have grown during our last topic!

Summer 1 2018 - Ready, Steady, Grow!

We have kicked off our Growing topic with a day in the garden! Children had the opportunity to plant, collect, investigate, identify and observe the seeds and plants around us. We will be continuing our quest to become Plant Experts as the term progresses:   


It's not just plants that we have been growing...look at how we are growing as children and successful sports

Spring 1 2018 - Fire !

To start our topic we thought about the differences and similarities between present day London and 1666 London...    

We have been acting out scenes from the Great Fire of London. Terrifying screams, crackling fire, buildings collapsing,  water splashing, people shouting...we had it all! All this action will help us to write about those terrifying times in 1666 when London burned like rotten sticks...