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Thursday 21st September 2018

We were lucky enough to have a free trip to the Forestry Show at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire.  Here we saw lots of machinery, watched timber jacks climb up and down high poles, watched a chainsaw competition and found out just how useful trees really are!


October 2018

Learning French for the first time!






Thursday 29th November 2018

We went to Bishop's Wood to explore all things Stone Age.  We had a fabulous day building shelters, tracking and hunting mammoths, trying to make a fire, weaving, creating cave art and deciding which items we would gather from the forest to eat.





Building an A-frame and wrapping up the materials needed to build a shelter.  We then had to carry our shelters like nomadic Stone Age dwellers, to be closer to a food source.

  Mammoth poo sightings!




We used stakes to make holes in the ground.  We then placed willow branches in the holes before filling them in.  Finally we covered the shelter frame with mammoth skin.



     Cave art drawing using different types of rock and charcoal that Stone Age people would have used millions of years ago.



Grinding grains to make flower.  Weaving to build fences.



Making fire