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WestlandsFirst School

Our Learning Gallery

12th February 2018

Some of our homework projects:

Stone Age bread by Chloe Andrews


Stone Age shelter by Callum Probert                        Stone Age shelter by Dameon Kennedy


Stone Age shelter by Freya Merrick                         Stone Age shelter by Adam Pawlak

9th February 2018

In DT, we have been looking at modern day bread, compared to a Stone Age alternative:


1st February 2018

As part of our science topic of Rocks and Soils, we have been looking at soil, how it is created and what is in it.  We added soil into a clear bottle, added water and shook it.  A week later, we were able to look at the profile of the soil in our school grounds.


25th January 2018

In science, we have been looking at where we can find rocks - underground!  We looked at parts of the Earth and the type of rock that is found there.  We did this by labelling eggs which represented the Earth.

Shell - crust

White part - mantle

Yolk - outer core and inner core


January 2018.


This week we have been exploring cave art, using colours similar to Stone Age paintings.  Here are some of our creations: