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We are very excited about the year ahead, starting with our Space Explorers topic!

We have been really enjoying learning about the first man to step foot on the moon, as well as facts about our solar system! 

In PE, we have been exploring different ways of dancing; moving our bodies and expressing ourselves in different ways. We have moved like aliens, astronauts and we have even been the sun, earth and moon! 

In science, we have been exploring different materials, their properties and their uses. 

"it's rough"    "It's smooth"  

  "Plastic is a little bit rigid as well as flexible"

"Bricks are rigid because they need to be strong" 

"transparent means we can see through it... windows are transparent!" 

"Opaque means you can't see through it"

We then planned an experiment where we designed and made Eddie the Eggstronaut a space capsule so he could land safely without cracking! 

Take a look at our space homework!
It's out of this world!! 🌍