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WestlandsFirst School

Outdoor Learning

We take the children outside everyday making sure we  provide opportunities for children to have meaningful, engaging experiences that support their development in all areas of the curriculum. This includes opportunities for children to:

  • be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy, messy;
  • talk, listen, interact, make friends;
  • imagine, dream, invent, fantasise;
  • create, invent, construct, deconstruct;
  • investigate, explore, discover, experiment with their own ideas and theories;
  • make sounds and music, express ideas and feelings;
  • find patterns, make marks, explore different media and materials;
  • investigate concepts and ideas;
  • be active, run, climb, pedal, jump, throw; dig, grow, nurture, cultivate; hide, relax, find calm, reflect;
  • have responsibility, be independent, collaborate with others

We enjoy learning outside!



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