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WestlandsFirst School

Phased Return June 1st

For parents/carers of Nursery, Reception & Year 1 pupils, who have accepted our offer of a place at school, we would like to outline the following details.

 We expect your child to attend for the times and days detailed below which will ensure that your child, our staff and the other children will have a reduced risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. We do know that the virus is still present in communities and that some people may be asymptomatic or have the virus before showing any symptoms, therefore we cannot guarantee that your child will not come into contact with the Covid-19 virus while at school. We have basic PPE items in school which will be used to manage any child who becomes unwell. We will do our best to implement social distancing, however this cannot be guaranteed, especially with young children.


Outlined below, in bullet points, are the practical details of what the return to school will look like for your child:


  • Your child has been placed in a small group that we refer to as ‘pods’. Each pod will contain 12 or fewer pupils with 4 adults assigned to each pod. The adults will be working on a rotational basis to provide the care for the children. These pods will contain children of mixed age groups and there is no flexibilty within these groups.


  • We will operate a 4 and ½ day week for the foreseeable future which will mean on Fridays the School will finish at 12 noon and you must be available to collect your child at this time. This means that all staff will have non contact time on a Friday afternoon to allow for a thorough cleaning of the school at the end of every week, in addition to regular daily cleaning as per our risk assessments.


  • Children in these year groups (Nursery, Reception, Year 1) will be expected to attend full-time if you indicate you wish your child to come to school. We cannot operate a part-time situation with different children attending on different days.


  • To allow for the frequent washing of clothes, your child will not need to wear school uniform but will need to change their clothes every day. In addition, children are not to bring toys and items in from home to minimise further chance of cross contamination as per our risk assessment.


  • We have staggered arrival and collection times as stated below to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Please be aware that there will be no breakfast clubs or after school clubs until further notice.


  • POD 1 From Monday 1st June Key Worker & vulnerable children who have been attending school since the lockdown started are to be dropped off at 8.45 am and collected at 3.00 pm from Y2 SFR/AB’s external classroom door. Miss Freestone, Mrs Sandell, Mrs B Smith & Mrs Hood are the members of staff assigned to this pod. Unless school has advised you differently.


  • POD 2 From Monday 1st June Nursery & Year 1 children are to be dropped off at 9.30 am and collected at 3.15 pm from Y1 AR’s external classroom door. Miss Avery, Mrs Larke , Miss Shekells, Mrs Foster are the members of staff assigned to this pod.


  • POD 3 From Monday 15th June Reception children are to be dropped off at 9.15 am and collected at 3.30 pm from Reception NS’s external classroom door. Mr Roberts, Mrs Crabb , Pip & Miss Perry are the members of staff assigned to this pod. Unless school has advised you differently.


  • One parent ONLY to drop off and collect children and where possible the same adult.


  • Please do not bring siblings when you drop off and collect


  • When you arrive at school to drop off or collect your child we ask that you arrive at the allocated time through the front gate and follow the walk way to the playground to the specified classroom door.


  • Please do NOT arrive early (or late) for drop off and collection and please do not linger in the playground. If you do arrive at the school gates, and other parents are queuing to enter, please respect social distancing rules.


  • As stated in the guidance we have received, we cannot offer places to siblings of children in these year groups.


  • Your child will be in a group of 12 children (a pod) and we cannot guarantee that siblings and friends will be together and there will be no flexibility to move between pods.


  • Please also ensure that you & your family are adhering to social distancing at home as per the government guidance.


  • The children will remain in their pods, within their allocated classrooms for play times and to eat their packed lunch. They will be allocated an outside “zone” away from any other pods to ensure they are not mixing with other pods. They will be supervised for the time they are in school, including break times and lunchtimes by the allocated pod staff.


  • The children will wash their hands frequently throughout the school day, especially on arrival at school. It would be helpful if you could go through the routine for doing this at home, ensuring they know how important it is to thoroughly wash their hands.

    Many thanks as always for your support,

    Rachel Roberts


    Westlands First School