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WestlandsFirst School

Phonics Fun

In class we have been busy learning all the different phonemes to help us with our reading and writing.  We have been learning the next set of tricky words (see below for list)  and reading lots of words which can be blended on our own.   

Sing along and learn the sounds A-Z!

Tricky Words

Each week we learn and practise our tricky words! These are words where we can't use our phonics to read or write them, because there is a letter or two in the word that likes to trick us! Therefore, we need to just practise and practise these words so that we know them as soon as we see them!

Here are some of the tricky words we are learning:

Phase 2- I, go, no, into, the, 

How you can help at home!

  • play games
  • spot them when you're out and about
  • hunt them when you're reading
  • use a cereal box to make some flash cards to play pairs
  • put them around the house on post it notes!

Digraphs and trigraphs!

You may hear your child using these phonics terms. Here's what they mean:

digraph - two letters used to make one sound e.g. ch, sh (chips, shops)

trigraph - three letters used make one sounds e.g. igh, air, ure (high, chair, sure)