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WestlandsFirst School

School of Magic

Are you a budding magician?

Are you able to wow an audience?

If so, then Year 3 needs you!

So, come and join our.....

School of Magic!


To begin with, we will be reading 'The Wizard, The Ugly and the Book of Shame' by Pablo Bernasconi.

On Friday 3rd November, we had a surprise visit from Juggling John, a magician.  We watched him perform some amazing magic tricks, many of which astounded us and we couldn't work out how they were possible!  Juggling John also taught us some tricks of our own which we practiced and performed so ask the children about them - you will be amazed to see their jumping elastic bands, floating and bending pencils and even joining paperclips!  Unfortunately Juggling John couldn't tell us how some of his magic is performed because he is under secrecy from the Circle of Magic!

After the morning of magic skills, Juggling John even showed us some circus skills.  We really enjoyed getting the plates to spin, and twirling the pois without getting them tangled!  Just this week, Mrs Denby has challenged us to learn how juggle using Juggling John's 'X' shape.  It's harder than you think!