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WestlandsFirst School

Spring 1 - I want to be... a zookeeper




This Spring, in science, we are going to become experts in a range of animals including: birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.


Using our knowledge of the animals we will be creating information text which will include: titles, diagrams, labels, captions and useful information to help our readers.


In English we will also be looking at what makes a perfect animal to keep as a pet. To do this we are going to be looking at the text: 'Dear Zoo' and 'Wanted: The Perfect Pet'.


We will learn the stories, map them and retell them. Then using the story of 'Wanted: The Perfect Pet', we will create our own version of the story including an animal of our choice.   


In art we are going to create collages of animals in a range of media, inspired by the artist Michel Keck's artwork. 


                                                        Look out for photos of our artwork!