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WestlandsFirst School

Spring 1 - The Perfect Pet

This half term we will be searching for the 'Perfect Pet'.

In order to help us do this, our learning will include: researching different animals, learning about each animal group and exploring non-fiction texts. 

During guided reading we will be developing our reading skills based on the book 'Wanted: The Perfect Pet' by Fiona Roberton.

As readers/ writers/ speakers and listeners we will be...

  • using Talk for Writing to imitate, innovate and independently write sentences to create non-fiction texts
  • reading nonfiction texts to help us decide on which animal would make the perfect pet
  • using talk to explain our thoughts and give reasons

As Mathematicians we will be..

  • Doubling 2 single digit numbers
  • Identifying odd and even numbers.
  • Learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • identifying and using money, both coins and notes


As Scientists we will be naming, identifying and classifying a range of animals in order to find our perfect pet.

As Religious experts we will continue to explore a Buddhist way of life through Buddhist artefacts and special places.

As Computer experts we will be exploring patterns

In PE we are going to be creating a dance to represent how animals move.  

In Art we will be studying Picasso, focussing on line drawing.

As Designers we will be designing a home for an animal that we have studied.

As good citizens, we will be learning to respect and tolerate others.

The Dogs Trust will be visiting in January to talk to us about taking responsibility and understanding the role a pet owner agrees to take when buying any pet.