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WestlandsFirst School

Spring 1 and 2 - Tomb Raiders

After the Christmas break, our topic will be 'Tomb Raiders'.

We will be looking at all things Ancient Egyptian!

To start off our topic, on Tuesday 21st January, we will be visiting the Birmingham Art and History Museum where we will explore ancient Egyptian artefacts.  We will also take part in a mummification workshop to prepare for our exciting learning journey this term.

Back in school, we will be reading The Egyptian Cinderella.


Image result for the egyptian cinderella


The story starts with beautiful maiden, stolen by Greek pirate and sold to Egyptians.  Like the other Egyptian servant girls, Rhodopis goes toe the water's edge each day to wah her clothes ro to gather the reeds that grow along the river bank.  But the other girls tease her because she looks different to them.  Their skin glows like copper, but hers is pale that burns red beneath he sun.  They call her rosy-cheeks.  One day her master gives a dainty pair of slippers made of real leather and rose-red gold because he sees her dancing like a nimble goddess.

As she goes about her daily chores, she leaves her slippers on the riverbank but a falcon swoops down and takes one of her slippers.  Rhodopis is lost without her slipper.  

Far away in the city of Memphis, the falcon delivers the slipper to the Pharaoh.  The Pharaoh decides he will marry whoever owns the slipper!




Not only will we be following Rhodopis' story, but we will also be looking at ancient methods of farming, Pharaohs, tombs and mummification. Keep checking 'Our Gallery' to see what we have been up to!