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WestlandsFirst School

Spring 2 - Clever Cogs

Inventors, Inventions and Monsters!


As readers and writers, we will be...

  • using ‘Talk for Writing’ to imitate, innovate and independently write our own Monster themed short stories
  • labelling and describing a variety of strange and interesting monsters
  • using ‘and’ to list words and ideas
  • writing in the past tense by adding ‘ed’ to the end of words
  • developing our confidence to read our own work out loud
  • learning to read and spell the days of the week.

As Mathematicians we will be...

  • measuring and comparing the capacity of containers by exploring how much liquid they can hold
  • measuring and recording the mass of objects by exploring how much they weigh
  • recognising, finding and naming one half  of objects, shapes and quantities.
  • using objects and number lines to solve missing number problems


As scientists, we will be exploring clay and its properties.

As historians, we will be comparing past and present artefacts to discover how past inventions have changed our daily life.

As designers and artists, we will be exploring and using clay to make a little treasure to keep.

As dancers, we will be creating a simple ‘monster-themed’ dance

As gymnasts, we will be linking body shapes together with a basic roll.

As musicians, we will be using our bodies and a range of instruments to explore and maintain a beat.

As computing experts, we will be exploring how to use technology safely and respectfully by keeping our personal information safe and identifying where to go for help.


British Values

This half term, we will be learning all about Liberty and Freedom, whilst continuing to show respect and tolerance towards others.