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WestlandsFirst School

Supporting Speech, Language & Communication Needs

Children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) have difficulty in communicating with others. This may be because they have difficulty saying what they want to, understanding what is being said to them or they do not understand or use social rules of communication. We offer a range of interventions at a universal level to specialised provision, these include:

WAVE 1 (ALL/ Universal)

  • Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery & outcomes e.g., simplified language, key words on working wall and on spelling lists
  • Structured school & class routines
  • Use of visuals/ICT to make learning more visual
  • Talking partners
  • Talking tins- T voice recorded
  • ‘No hands up’ approach to answering questions- GO/STOP sign (see SENCO)
  • 10 seconds for a reply
  • Modelling language- clearly and slowly
  • Sign along

WAVE 2 (SOME/ Targeted)

  • In-class additional Visual timetables
  • In-class additional Visual cues
  • Early years Speech and language programme for Reception (Language Link)
  • In-class additional Language skills interventions or smaller groups outside for pupils
  • Special Boxes talk time

WAVE 3 (FEW/ Specialised/ SEND register)

  • Personalised SALT targets- 1:1 short and frequent interventions
  • ‘Language for Thinking’ programmes
  • Black Sheep Narrative Programme- small group intervention
  • Mr Tongue story- daily higher needs
  • Language Link resources- alongside SALT report
  • Time to talk
  • Listening group