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WestlandsFirst School

The Graduated Response

We will seek to identify differing needs and respond with appropriate teaching strategies in a differentiated and personalised curriculum through our Graduated Response.

The Graduated Response

Assess- Plan- Do- Review

Wave 1

(All, Universal)

'Quality First Teaching'

differentiation and small group work

Wave 2

(Some, Targeted)


More small group work with some 1:1 support to make progress

Your child maybe closely monitored on the Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and/or Social and Emotional Wellbeing pathway

Wave 3

SEN Support Cycle 1 and SEN Support Cycle 2

(Few, Specialised)

'SEND Register'

Your child will have an Individual Provision Map (IPM)

and/or an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)

Your child will have higher needs, and will currently be significantly BELOW peers in an aspect of learning. Your child will be working closely with external professionals to identify any specific barriers in learning.

This may only be for a short time.