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WestlandsFirst School

The Journey

Our first topic is called ' The Journey'.  The story starts with a little, red boat .........

This story, called 'The Journey' by Neil Griffiths, inspired most of our learning this half term.


We looked at the journey of a river from its source to its mouth, and the various obstacles a river meets along the way, including waterfalls and ox-bow lakes.  We wrote information posters about famous waterfalls around the world and even wrote our own acrostic poems - come and see some on the hall display board!


In PE we used our bodies to represent water and created a dance inspired by the movement water makes, from its start in life as a rain drop to is journey to the sea.


Finally, we went on a little journey of our own to Mexico where we explored Mexican food and culture.  We all seemed to like the guacamole and refried beans even though they were very spicy!