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WestlandsFirst School

Tomb Raiders

After the Easter break, our topic will be 'Tomb Raiders'.

We will be looking at all things Ancient Egyptian!

Image result for the scarab secret book

The story starts with the creation of a tomb for a Pharaoh, the Prince of Egypt.  One morning, Khepri discovers a trap in the newly-built tomb designed to kill the Prince.  He knows he must warn the Prince. But how? For Khepri is just a small scarab beetle who scuttles along floors, among roots and into baskets of figs.


Will Khepri save the Pharaoh's life? 


We will keep you posted!

Not only will we be following Khepri's story, but we will also be looking at ancient methods of farming, Pharaohs, tombs and mummification and making our own museum artefacts. Keep checking 'Our Gallery' to see what we have been up to!