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WestlandsFirst School

What training have the staff had to support my child?

Staff delivering SEN support programmes are supported by the school’s SENCo, class teachers and a range of external professionals e.g. SALT therapist, Learning Support Teacher, Autism/CCN specialist teachers and Educational Psychologist

SEN training for teaching staff and teaching assistants is planned into the school calendar.

School are currently investing regular SEN CPD for Teaching Assistant staff and SLCN within Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes. We have also been selected for ECAT training (Every Child a Talker) in nursery for this academic year. Please speak to the ECAT lead and Nursery teacher, Mrs Jo Dyer.

Most staff have received Positive Physical Intervention training to safely support children who are demonstrating unsafe behaviours (these incidents are always recorded and are very rare.)

Teaching staff have received updated information regarding the SEN Code of Practice 2014, and we currently have a trained Communication Teaching Assistant, who works throughout the school.