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WestlandsFirst School

Year 1

Take a look at what our super home learners have been up to!

w/c 8.6.2010

This week, 1GA have been looking at using what they know about traditional tales to write a fact file about their favourite animal, have been finding halves and quarters of shapes and have also been becoming amphibian experts!


Sophia has researched all about frogs.  Not only has she found out some cool facts, but she has also looked at the lifecycle of a frog too.


Amelia has been finding fractions of shape this week, as well as numbers.

w/c 1.6.2010

This week, 1GA have been looking at their favourite traditional tales, practising their doubling and halving and reading about the Christian story of Pentecost.

Sophia has been working hard on her doubling and halving as well as continuing to practise her spellings daily

Amelia has been busy creating a fun mat, drawing a picture of something that makes her happy.  She then created super questions for someone to answer about her picture.

Olly has also been working hard on his doubling and halving, and has written a superb story about the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Look out for his use of exclamation marks to make his story more exciting.


May 2020

Sophia has completed a huge amount of work this week and done it really well. Lovely writing, maths and history! Super duper work!


Olly has been working hard to create his new version of the gigantic turnip story. He has used his pets and family members to re-tell the story! 


Amelia has been working really hard this week to complete her home learning activities. Her maths and writing work are really something that she should feel proud of!



Sophia has completed a treasure hunt around the house, as well as doing a spot of gardening! It's also really wonderful to see Sophia has been reading to her brother - excellent work keeping up with your reading!




Wow! Sophia has made a superb castle! She has also been looking at healthy eating! Well done Sophia!


Jamie and his brother have been getting creative and made a textile art piece using fabric pens! What a brilliant way of remembering your home learning. Well done boys!

Ruby-Mae has been very busy at home building things, she has been on a nature walk and continued her reading every night. She has also been building and painting with her daddy! Fantastic job Ruby Mae :)     

Kayden has done a brilliant job growing his sunflower! You can see by his smile that he is very proud of himself! we look forward to seeing more photos as it grows!


Lucian and Jamie have been busy making tasty doughnuts and they've included the recipe if any of you fancy trying them yourself!




Olly has been helping do the garden and then drew a map! Well done :)

It's lovely to see Jamie joining in with some role play and enjoying a unicorn picnic!

Sophia has been making use of her free Twinkl access on the computer and learning about plants and growth!

Wow! Look at Casey drawing a map of his garden! Good job!

 Ruby-Mae is being a super star and keeping up with her reading and has also been busy drawing! Ruby- Mae has also been completing her repeating pattern work. She has drawn lines on her hand picture and then coloured the lines so they make a pattern. Very creative and very pretty!