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WestlandsFirst School

Year 2

Take a look at what our super home learners have been up to!

Week beginning 8th June

Olivia has sent us her own version of a Percy the Park Keeper story where he meets Danny the Bear, Waddles the Penguin and Melvin the Shark!


Mia enjoyed this science experiment with her sister! It really looks like a lava lamp!


Week beginning 1st June

Ruby enjoyed her trip around the world, crossing 7 continents!


Olivia has enjoyed a trip round the world for our geography topic home learning. She has also persevered with some tricky fractions! Well done Olivia! Pepe is very proud of your perseverance !



Kailee also explored what Ramadan is and why it is special!


Kailee looks very busy here, using dried pasta to help her work out some tricky fractions!

For this week's geography topic learning,

Kailee grabbed her passport and took a trip around the world and across all 7 continents! 


This week Kailee has been writing a description and identifying the adjectives and nouns she's used. She has also completed the Division Challenge! Well done Kailee!


Well what a way to start this summer half term than with Ruby's beautiful Summer Fun Mat, which is full of activities and questions!

Week beginning 18th May

It's lovely to see that Kailee has been focusing on her wellbeing with some Yoga and self reflection. She's also created a fact file about Florence Nightingale and been practising her addition and subtraction skills!



Mason has been making good use of Twinkl and completing lots of learning including learning about Ramadam and practising his division skills!



This week, Leo has enjoyed baking some brownies and planting some strawberries and carrots! I look forward to seeing them when they've grown! Yum!


Here's some wonderful work from Year 2JS - well done Lily A, Riley, Zak, Toby, Fynn, Dominik, Phoebe and Sara!





Here's some very colourful work from Ava who has drawn a map of her garden; created a poster reminding everyone to put rubbish in the bin and written an acrostic poem!



Well done Olivia, who has completed some lovely, thorough research on Florence Nightingale, as well as practised her times tables and worked on word classes. 


Ruby has been very busy being very creative and crafty! I think every teacher needs a caterpillar organiser!



Mason has really enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale this week and he has even made his own version of her lamp! Keep up the good work Mason!


Olivia has sent in some of her poetry! Very creative Olivia! She has also completed some missing number questions and fact families!


Alex has been working hard on some maths work. Keep it up Alex!


Olivia has been enjoying the Joe Wicks workouts in the mornings! She has also created a lovely poster showing ways we can help our Earth. 


Oliva has also been practising her maths skills with a quiz and her times tables practise!



It's lovely that Olivia has been keeping up with her reading and reading to her nanny via video chat, as well as doing a book review!


Olivia has written a beautiful letter to her Nanny, with a lovely picture too. I'm sure she'll love it!

Kailee hasn't let 'Lockdown' stop her! She's been competing in an online dance competition - and she WON!! Congratulations Kailee, we're so proud of you! 

And Kailee's Great Grandma has made her, her very own Pepe the Penguin who's been sat with her while she's been working hard! It looks like Pepe has some other friends too! 



Zoe has been using the BBC clips to help her learn about money and different coins!



Alex has been making a keepsake with this family to remember his time at home. What a brilliant idea and effort all:)



Kailee has been spending her time cooking ( including licking the spoon), art and working on her maths and english skills. What an absolute superstar :)


Lauren and her sisters have been busy planting seeds today. They've planted strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes and sweat peas (as their mummy loves them!). 


This week Dominik has drawn something for his friends. He popped his learning into an envelope and is hoping that they read his message :) He has also made  Tin Forest. Well done Dominik :)




What a lovely poster Zoe reminding everyone to stay safe at home!

If you could have a fantasy pet, what would it be and why? What a great question! Zoe is practising her drawing skills and drawing her perfect fantasy pet!

Ava's had a productive time with some Easter crafts! I'm sure the birds will thank you for their feeder! It's lovely to see some little green shoots in your planting tray!




Jasmine did the experiment with bread on 01/04.

She used slices of bread to show how important is to clean hands and equipment. 

We prepared 2 control samples, number 1 and 2 (used forks carefully to take them out of the packaging, without touching them).

Number 2: slice of bread touched with dirty hands.

Number 3: we wiped our laptop with a slice of bread.

Number 4: Jasmine washed her hands with soap and water and then touched bread. 

Number 5: we wiped the floor with a slice of bread.

We took a picture on 15/04 and 18/04.

Jasmine was shocked when saw first results and with the smell :) 


Ruby has been really busy with her learning and having some creative fun with her sister. Easter decorations, hats and even a wonderful sunshine to support the NHS and other key workers! Well done Ruby :)



Kailee has been super busy with a variety of activities with the family! Lots of exercise with Joe Wicks and out in the garden, as well as using online activities to help with her maths and reading. Kailee has also been reading for 30 minutes EVERY DAY!  Keep it up Kailee! What a Wonderful Westlands Worker you are! Plus a wonderful family photo - making memories! 




Lucy has created a lovely rainbow and she has also been busy drawing her garden which she is really proud of! 


Alex has been making playdough with his family! I wonder what wonderful things they will create with it!?


 Jasmine has been putting her artistic skills to good use, designing and making new outfits for Barbie!

They look FAB-U-LOUS!


Alex has been baking some chocolate gingerbread men with his family- they look delicious!

Harvey looks happy with the maths work he's been doing! Well done Harvey!

Dominik has been very busy drawing his 'Chase the Rainbow' to display in his window, as well as completing some reading comprehension and maths shape work! 

Mrs Richards will also love his writing (Panda's are her favourite!) 

Well done Dominik! Keep it up!




Super concentration Zoe, whilst completing some reading comprehension and online learning! Well done! Zoe has also been designing a face mask. Keep up the good work Zoe :)


Lily has been very busy with her 'reduce, reuse, recycle' homework, where she made a

'Cat-topia Palace' using cardboard! 


Lily has also been busy practising her times tables!