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WestlandsFirst School

Year 3

Take a look at what our super home learners have been up to...

w/c 8th June 

This week, year 3 have been creating jungle log entries about what life is like in a jungle, using descriptive sentences to improve their writing, looked at naming and recognising 2d shapes and have even investigated how shadows are made.


Milena has been finding acute and obtuse angles of 2d shapes as well as writing her jungle log

w/c 1st June

This week, year 3 have been continuing their English work by looking at the meaning of words and how word choices can have an impact on their sentence writing.  They have also continued looking at fractions, comparing them to each other, and have also looked at the Muslim festivals of Eid and Ramadan.  


Leon has shown a good understanding of fractions:

Caitlin has enjoyed making Eid biscuits and a Ramadan lantern:

Elivia has written sentences using key words and has even created a jungle poem.






w/c 18th May - 3KD

This week, year 3 have been busy looking at punctuation and grammar in English, as well as practising their handwriting, as well as looking at fractions in maths.  In geography, they have been looking at the world around them, and have been identifying human and physical features in their own environment.  Here is a selection of work received this week:


Folded shapes to make fractions by Caitlin

The view from my window by Kian

w/c 11th May - 3KD

This week, I have been amazed with the amount of maths work produced - everyone that sent in work has been working extremely hard.

I particularly enjoyed reading Leon and Caitlin's letters to the Doctor about life in the Stone Age and Olivia and Isabelle's information texts about trolls.




w/c 4th May - 3KD

Lucian and Mia have been busy working on the maths tasks whereas Isabelle and Elivia have written a super seed story using paragraphs and speech punctuation!  Well done everyone!     



Well done Lena, planting her seeds and practising her use of money with a pop-up shop!




Leon has been exploring art work and thought about what he thinks of the painting! Lovely work Leo!


Chelsea has been busy and has started some of the activities from the new learning grids, by working on fronted adverbials, as well as  addition and subtraction! Well done Chelsea!


Leon has been learning about the water cycle and used what he has found out to make a poster! Great job Leon :)

Caitlin has made a wonderful junk model robot called Rosy! She has also made some story characters out of icing, ready to go on a cake that she's going to bake. Hopefully, she will then achieve her Brownie badge! We look forward to seeing the finished cake!


More super stuff from Elivia! 

She completed some exercises on BBC Bitesize including drawing a poster of prehistoric times. She also did some PHSE, helping her mum and dad to tidy around the house and to look after her baby sister.

 She has also made some charm bracelets for her family, completed the Bitesize exercise relating to poems, learnt about the water cycle on scratch then drawn a poster for it which she presented to her Nanny and Grandad on Skype. She also helped Dad to put together a new high chair for the baby. Wow!




Kyle has been extremely busy with his learning. Completing the work that was set on his home learning grid and taking a real pride in his presentation. Watercycle, plant growing, pot decorating, maths, writing.... you name it- Kyle has done it! What a complete superstar!



Lucian and his brother have been getting creative and made a textile art piece using fabric pens! What a brilliant way of remembering your home learning. Well done boys!

 Isabelle has been working hard with her home learning! She has spent loads of time outside making up games and having very long walks and doing all her work on the learning grid too. Isabelle has impressed her Brownies     (via a zoom meeting) with her knowledge of the world. Excellent Job Isabelle :) 



Olivia and her sisters have been busy planting seeds today. They've planted strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes and sweat peas (as their mummy loves them!). 



Elivia has drawn a beautiful sunflower to brighten our days! She has also been doing Joe's PE session and making Jamie Oliver's Fish Pie.  Elivia has been finishing her letter to her Nanny and has started drawing a picture about how the Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives. Well Done :) 



Caitlin has drawn a lovely birthday rainbow for the amazing Captain Moore! How wonderful! Caitlin has also learnt about the water cycle! How interesting!



Danielle has been out and about looking at nature and examining different types of leaves and wild flowers.

It's great to see Lacey has been keeping up with her times tables practise!

Lena has built a bird feeder with her sister and dad! It looks fantastic! What ucky birds! She has also been investigating the different food groups that make up a balanced diet, as well as some maths and reading comprehension. After doing some reading, Lena has also written a book review! Super effort!





Mrs Denby has sent in some of her own home learning!

"Today I have been very busy creating a rainbow for my window.  I have been inspired, like all our wonderful Westlands workers, and wanted to share mine with you too"



Caitlin has been busy finding out where our food comes from and plotting it on the 1000 piece puzzle map she has built over the last few days - Really impressive work Caitlin. Well done to you!


Lacey has been busy working hard to complete her calculations! Well done Lacey for keeping your brain active! Super job :)


Mia has been busy doing lots of maths, craft and some cooking! They look so tasty! Well done Mia! 





Elivia has yet again been a Wonderful Westlands Worker! 

Yesterday she logged onto Twinkl using the new weekly code and learned about continents and oceans.; did some Egyptian colouring; read her book for 20 mins; did some Yoga with Fiona; PE with Joe Wicks; she started writing a story on a word app on the computer and then practised some spellings! All in one day! Elivia has also been having fun with maths games, doing word searches and reading online stories; she did some coding and created a football game using Scratch! It's lovely to see how much you are enjoying your home learning! 

Archie and his brother and sisters, made gloop today! Fascinating stuff!

Lucian and Jamie have been busy making tasty doughnuts and they've included the recipe if any of you fancy trying them yourself!



Another upload from one of our Wonderful Westlands Workers! Elivia has been busy again with Joe Wicks' PE, reading for more than 20 mins, participating in yoga with Fiona, doing lots of maths on Twinkl, a flower collage and then she even helped in the kitchen with sweeping up! In mum's words  "She has been magnificent!" 

Amazing Elivia!


Archie has been busy with his family making and hanging a bird feeder in his garden! Keep up the fantastic work :)

More wonderful work from Elivia! A survey for maths, some music appreciation and a story about a mermaid's tail! Elivia has written two poems for her English home work. She has practised various spellings and enjoyed PE with Joe Wicks and yoga with Fiona. 

She has also watched all the videos on YouTube of the stories from the teachers. What a Wonderful Westland's Worker! Elivia has also made a bird box for her DT homework. Some words from Elivia:"I made it using old fruit pots from out the recycling. I cut a hole and stuck them together. Added some bedding and lots of decoration. I will add some bird seeds to it before I put it in the garden."


Archie and his family have been busy in the garden.

They've dug out an area in the garden ready for planting vegetables and planted some sunflower seeds! We look forward to seeing how tall they grow! Archie has also enjoyed reading his World Book Day book!



Tudor has been very busy indeed! Well done Tudor!




Elivia has been working hard practising her maths! Well done!


Deep in thought whilst writing a story! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely map work Caitlin! I live how you've included a key with symbols! Well done!


Archie has been busy collecting data and presenting it in a bar chart!

Can you tell which is the most popular colour? What about the least favourite colour? 


Lena has created this beautiful floral collage!

Pepe will be impressed with your perseverance as this must have taken a while to make, with lots of very careful cutting and organising!