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What is an IPM?

What is an IPM?

An IPM is an Individual Provision Map, and replaced an IEP.

An Individual Provision Map (IPM) is a plan that is shared with the staff that work with your child and for you as parents, so that you can support the targets your child will be working on. The IPM is aimed at being accessible and understandable to all concerned.

In our school your child's IPM will be updated at the end of every half term, whilst they are on the SEND register. The IPM will continue from nursery to Year 4, and is an ongoing record of interventions and pathways that your child may have accessed, whilst at WestlandsFirst School & Nursery.

Your child's class teacher will share your child's new targets before the start of the next half term. This will be only a summary sheet, and it will be returned to you after the intervention with your child's voice and a brief note about outcomes.