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If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home.

We take the following approaches to support those pupils to access remote education:

Parents/carers will need to contact school and provide details about their situation (sufficient access to laptop or tablet, limited mobile data, no access to a fixed line broadband, experiencing disruption to their face-to-face learning). Year 3 and 4 Pupil Premium, LAC, PLAC and VC will take priority of our allocated number of devices.

All Parents/carers will have this information shared via Class DoJo, Tapestry and additional information will be shared on the Website.  

All pupils will be given a pack to support them with their home learning.

To support parents with multiple children across the school, three afternoons a week learning will be set with a similar topic for years 1 – 4. This should minimise the time needed for technology on those afternoons.

Telephone calls will be made by class teacher to discuss learning and resources in packs will be continued to be used on return to school.