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Pepe Awards

Pepe the Personal Power Penguin 

We have chosen Pepe as our school mascot because penguins are loyal, loving, intelligent creatures who are self-aware, resilient and work well together.  We believe these qualities embody our pupils. our values and our learning behaviours.   At Westlands, we make our Penguin Promises. 

We promise to:

Be Positive

Be Prepared

Be Proud

Be Polite

Be Punctual


Each week, staff will nominate two children from their class to receive a Pepe Promise Award Certificate for demonstrating one of our Penguin Promises! Visitors are also invited to reward children with a Pepe Penny if they see one of Pepe's Promises being fulfilled.  


Our Pepe Awards for the 11th June:


Mrs Jackson

Chelsee for being a kind friend and having a positive attitude to her learning.

Tristan for having a super first week and for his super behaviour.

Mrs Dyer

Harley for being kind and helpful with his friends. 

Max for doing really well on his visits to year one.


Year 1

Miss Avery

Olivia for trying really hard and doing really well in her phonics.

Lilly for doing phenomenal work with her writing.

Miss Sidley 

Jamie for always trying his best. 

Luke for fantastic progress in phonics and settling into his new group. 


Year 2

Mrs Sandell

Ellie Rose for her positive contribution and super time telling.

Sophia for a thoughtful and beautifully presented fact file on animals. 


Year 3

Miss Freestone & Mrs Barber 

Connor for persevering with his writing. 

Mason for having a positive attitude in every lesson. 


Mrs Denby

Sarah for working hard and being a super team member in P.E.

Lucy for demonstrating a fantastic understanding during science. 


Year 4

Mrs Lines

Archie for being polite and prepared. 

Cain for being proud and positive. 


Mrs Larke

Caitlin for her mature attitude to learning and for her own super research. 

Isabelle for always making good choices. 


Well done everyone!